VR Sex Toys That Actually Exist

Sex and masturbation have been around since the beginning of time. However, as technology continues to make huge advancements, new ways to carry out either keep being invented. Such is the case with virtual reality, VR porn videos and VR sex toys. The virtual reality world has opened up a new realm and  universe. It has also led to more options for people when it comes to sex and masturbation. Overall, a plethora of new possibilities continue to sprout and be made available.

In the past, sexual intercourse was typically carried out by human beings. That is no longer the case these days with pornography, the internet and VR. All have given people endless alternatives when it comes to having sex. Coincidentally, also many different ways to masturbate and for aiding them in finding better ways to enjoy sex. One of those is via numerous sex toys couples can enjoy together or by themselves. These sex toys are made to be used with virtual reality. While some of them you may know about or come to expect, others you won’t believe.

In the universe of virtual reality, things are made to mimic the real world. Many of the VR sex toys you find are made with those concepts in mind. For instance, there are countless virtual reality sex dolls available. Most of them are replicas of women’s real vaginas. Along with male cup masturbator, you get an app to use with your VR device. The end result is an experience for the user compared to fucking a real woman’s pussy. As you fuck the male cup masturbator, you can look at a VR porn video.

People who are able to spend more money on sex toys, will have better options. They can purchase virtual reality dolls that look like real women. The majority of them are made to resemble popular porn stars. One of the most popular is Cyberskin Yui Hatano Japanese sex doll. This is a life-size sex doll which closely looks like the popular Japanese porn star. But, it is a bit pricey since it closely resembles a real woman. There are tons of other similar virtual reality sex dolls. Combined together with a VR porn video, it can make a person believe they are fucking for real.

Virtual reality apps which can be used with your smartphones, tablets and laptops are great sex toys. A few of them are social network oriented. But, they tend to be more kinky and wild than what you see and hear on sites such as Facebook. Along with these apps, you can use VR sex toys to make the experience that much more real. One of those VR sex toys is called LovePalz. This sex gadget brings you closer to others unlike nothing seen before. The virtual sex toy contains simulators that make using it amazing. It sends out simulations that feel like the real thing. The sex toy is great for couples who are far away from each other. It allows a partner to control the cybersex vibrations the other feels. You can feel these simulations or send them yourself through the network. The VR sex toy can be compared to a virtual reality dildo.

When most people masturbate, they have to look at the screen, hold on to their device and play with themselves. But with the Launchpad Flextoy sex toy, you get the best of both worlds. The Launchpad has a viewing screen and a male cup masturbator. You can stick your penis in it as you watch a hardcore VR porn.

For couples who want to take phone sex to a virtual reality level, there’s the Nora sex toy. Using an app, your partner can control the vibrator. As you use the VR app to see each other, you can both stimulate the other from long distances away.

Another great virtual reality sex toy people are getting a kick out of is the VR Tenga. This sex toy understands that most people who enjoy virtual reality sex, do so because of the 3D aspect. The VR Tenga device, can be placed on your penis. Since it comes with an Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, the experience is amazing. Together, you can find your favorite hardcore VR porn video. The next step is looking at it as you jump in the virtual world while masturbating. Being able to look at a VR porn video and feel sensations on your penis is incredible. It takes masturbation to a new level and feels like you are having actual sex.

Besides these VR sex toys, there are many more being introduced every day. The virtual reality sector is just beginning to get hot so you can expect better and more realistic sex toys to come along. In all, virtual reality and VR sex toys are changing sexual relations. And the way people are able to enjoy sex and masturbation.